It is incredible.. The moment I have been awaiting for so long is here – moment of my pilgrimage to Santiago.

Perhaps it would be good to lighten up “technical details” first. Currently I live in Edinburgh. City of Santiago de Compostela is located in north-west Spain, and pilgrims have come here from around the world for centuries. I have always felt that true pilgrimage should be solitary, and should begin at the place of residence. And so I have decided, that I will walk all the way to Santiago from Edinburgh. It will be really long journey. The route I planned will be approximately 1700 miles long (2500 km). To walk all the way, according to my estimates, should take 5 to 6 months.

Plan of the journey
Plan of the journey

The whole path I have been planning for almost two years, and I can say that preparing for it – especially from material side – have been my top priority. People often ask me why I am actually doing it, if I am not afraid to go alone, etc. I totally understand their questions and concerns. The answer to the question why am I doing it is not easy, and I will reveal it gradually in future posts.

My big journey will begin on Sunday 1st April, and all this time I will try to inform you not only about what I have seen around me, but especially about what I have experienced inside. I will be thankfull for all your comments and advices. May this journey be inspiration for all who are afraid to fulfill their dreams!

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  1. I envy you – for being focused! Good luck and hope your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled. Above all, be safe! I will be checking your progress!

    1. Thank you so much, Margaret! The beginning was little bit more tough than I expected, but it is really amazing overall. When I am telling people about the jorney, they seem to be fascinated and are enthusiastic about it. And that’s what I wanted to do – to make people think about their lives, but in friendly and fun way!

  2. Hi Ondrej
    We met today walking through Kielder Forest.I very much enjoyed our brief conversation. I wish you well on your journey and will follow it with much interest. I hope you find that which you are looking for.
    Best wishes for your trip

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