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It seems all so easy while I am writing this being in a sleeping bag under my tent. But first day of my journey was rather hectic. Whole morning I spent on computer and on buses going across the city. Thanks to that all, I left my home around 3pm. Also I didn’t manage to get any stamp in Edinburgh into my pilgrim’s passport (credential).

When I told goodbye to my friend Gerard (more about him maybe in some future post), I immediately fully realized, that my pilgrimage really started.

Last year was very hard for me. I was feeling that my inner light was dying, and I was getting deeper and deeper into the darkness. It may sound strange, but I actually didn’t care that much. Because from experience I rationally knew, that the journey will be so strong that even the deepest darkness will simply go away once I will start walking.

But knowing something rationally and truly feeling it, are two different things. I was somehow losing hope, and my carelessness caused that darkness has grown into giant dimensions. I was even having serious doubts about this journey. There were times when some forces were trying to persuade me not to go at all. And they tried many times. Again and again.

It was comming in various forms. Sometimes it was worries of some relative, sometimes it was some nice girl who would drag me into blissfull relationship so that I wouldn’t even remember any plans about pilgrimage. Another time it was fear. Fear of telling people what I really want to do. And it still continued.. It was all very real, and very dangerous.

And still it seems, that for higher forces which prepared this journey, it was absolutely no challange at all to neutralize each of those influences literally overnight. Such a strong and powerful light imbued me, that even Lord Voldemort would disappear in nanosecond. I have observed these positive forces of the Universe multiple times, but I always forget how unimaginably powerful they really are.

My mind is now so much clearer than only few days ago. It seems very easy for me now to create something meaningfull. Things are stopping to be a problem, and obstacles are turning into possibilities.

Regardless of it all, in the evening, I got quite sad, because I feel how much my parents miss me. They never told, but now I can feel it.

During the day, I walked through Pentland Hills, and decided to build tent in forest near to Penicuik, where I will try to get stamp tomorrow. I finally feel ready and strong. Thank you!

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