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Last two days were very hard. The weather was truly unforgiving. During my life I have never experienced such a harsh weather on trip before. Well, yes I did, but it lasted minutes, not whole days. Yesterday I have slept in a dense pine forest to try avoid the worst snow. Yep, that’s right, it’s still snowing here in Scotland.

Long story short: very wet backpack and everything inside where the dampness could get. Two kind people who offered me a lift to Peebles – I must have looked really desperately. Walk to Innerleithen and sleeping in hotel tonight, drying all my things. The weather should get better on Thursday, but then the long lasting rain will probably return. The journey wants to test me properly. Hopefully I can make it all.

4 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. I experienced having all my things wet for 3 days, it turned in drying fest – I did all possible things to dry my clothes, shoes etc., just to get wet again. It really gets into your head after some time.
    Quick tip – get a emergency insulation foil, ideally 2 of them (1 under and 1 on top), these things reflect your own heat and help you keep warm even if you are wet.
    Some tips on how to use it creatively:

    1. Kenny, thank you so much for your great company! I have to say that after meeting you, something changes and I am enjoying rhe journey much more now. Hope you are having nice evening with your family. I am under tent in forest with singing birds and preparing my next post. 🙂

  2. You are the first person I have met doing such a great walk and I really enjoyed our little walk together. I will keep my eye on your blog hoping everything is going well. Take care my new friend .

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