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After a pleasant stay in a hotel, the all day long rain welcomed me again. I didn’t go very far for that reason, and at first opportunity, I have set up my tent in a first suitable forest I found. After a dinner, I went to sleep.

Next morning I made a fire and extended a string between the trees on which I put everything what was wet. While I was dancing around the fire, suddenly I spotted tractor going across forest road nearby. Driver stopped, got off and came to tell me that I shouldn’t be here, since it’s a private forest. I have apologized to him and explained him that I was catched by bad weather. The man then told me that it’s alright, and to just make sure I won’t leave any litter there. Then he continued driving the tractor.

After a short while, he drove around again, and came to me. This time he offered me, that if I need, I can stay one another night. I have thanked him, and said that it won’t be necessary.

Third time he came, and this time he even offered me to come for a lunch with him, and dry out my things at their home. Amazed, I told him, that I really value that offer. My things were almost dry already, though, and my food ready to be cooked, and so I didn’t take the offer.

I have finnished my meal, and went towards Selkirk. The weather was quite good, and for the first time, I have used my solar charger (I will write more about this magical tool soon). During the walk, I got to the valley, where flows the stream, and where are extraordinary ancient trees. I have decided to take a break there to have some food.

After the break, I went to explore the other side of the stream. There is a wee wooden bridge over the stream with a doors from both sides. The other side of the stream felt totally magically. I have found there a very old trees formed to the circle, which made me feel as if they were talking to me. That whole place felt so extraordinarily and peacefully, that I have decided to not go anywhere further that day, and stayed overnight.

Sound of whirling stream helped me to relax completely. When I was almost asleep, some ideas were revealed to me, which I cannot describe here. One of them, I will describe though.

I have realized why living in the city is so difficult for me. When there is too many people at one place, it is simply not good. The energy will then get somehow stained. It is similar as when there are many people in one room, and the air gets unbreathable. In big cities, only very rarely something truly creative is born. All the newer things are usually rather sterile and without life. Health, love, wisdom, none of them are being supported in big cities, and everything seems to be controlled by some kind of omnipresent rush and exhaustion. I think that it is also reflected by occurrence of crimes, count of people having social issues, etc. So I have realized, that I can’t live in the city, and I must not.

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