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That day I woke up quite early. I needed to get to the Selkirk and buy food there, that’s why. I only had last instant cous-cous, and last cube of solid fuel, which was critical these days. I just had to get to the Selkirk at any cost.

It wasn’t too far anymore. But the path went through the hills, and right at the beginning, there was about 250 meters ascent. It didn’t sound too difficult. But the destiny had a surprise for me. What looked from the valley as remains of the snow from recent days, turned to be deep holes full of snow. And that snow was very wet as well. Because of that I had to mind every step and stay at the places with grass when possible. In addition, the sky was completely taken by dark clouds without tiniest chance of spotting the sun. I was telling to myself, that it is unbelievable that the weather was still like that.

Everywhere my eyes could look, the countryside was very gloomy and lifeless. Sods of dry grass next to isles of snow on the wet soil were accompanied only by leaveless ancient trees, which felt as if they were hindering any hope with their thorns. That whole scenery seemed very demotivating to me. At same time I felt a clear analogy to the states of the soul I am going through from time to time (and everyone does I guess). I have realized, that sometimes the adverse situation can last for very long, and it’s nobody’s fault or weakness. It can even feel like there will be end of the suffering. But it is all good, even if it really lasted forever.

As I was going uphill, there was more of the snow. At same time, when I realized what was described above, I have spotted solar disc behind clouds. I still had hope! Eventually, the sun started to shine with full force. I have felt the God’s presence again. It was wonderful.

When I finnished that mentioned last cous-cous and stood on the top of Three Brethren, I have spotted a man approaching the hill along the path to Selkirk. When he got to the top, we started to talk straight away. I have found out, that his name is Kenny and that he lives in Selkirk. He was very friendly and even gave me a few sweets which he had with him – at that time I really appreciated it. He said that he is walking up here and back home as a part of the exercise.

And so we went to the Selkirk together. During the way, we went through all imaginable topics from wall building up to public transportation and cancer treatment using vitamine C. Kenny then led me up to supermarket, which must have been extra walk for him. I feel, that after meeting him, my journey became fun again. As if I was still fighting with something up to this day – with the weather, hunger, wetness, etc. After I met Kenny, everything started to make sense again.

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